Relaxt in den Herbst: Patio roofs

Patio roofs

WAREMA patio roofs create outdoor oases for long summer nights outside – as reliable protection for people and garden furniture, with an integrated awning for additional shade. Ideal and practical as a plain cold roof construction, with a gutter providing drainage. Flexible and well though-out, patio roofs extend living spaces. Sun shading, light and heating elements provide the perfect atmosphere under the patio roof. A package that takes care of everything, for your comfort.

  • patio
  • posts mounted on on-site foundation
  • fixing on the building wall
  • individual use as sun or rain protection or extension of the patio
  • cold roof construction with (type T2) or without (type T1) integrated awning
  • WAREMA conservatory awning internal or external can be added on at any time (type T1)
  • drainage optional outside on the post using a drop profile or invisibly in the post using the purlin
  • Construction limit values (depending on type):
    max. width: 6000 mm
    max. depth: 5000 mm
    max. surface: 30 m²
    max. inclination: 20°
  • Extras: optionally with on-site glazing, optionally extendible with sun shading system, varied accessories

All information at a glance

Patio roof type T1

Enjoy your home and turn your garden into an outside living room - with the WAREMA patio roof T1. For best possible protection in any weather the patio roof T1 offers a clever connection for glazing which can be supplemented, if desired. In addition the fixing of sun shading systems offers design possibilities without limits for each outdoor seating area!

The perfect supplement for the patio roof type T1:
Conservatory awning W10

Construction limit values

  • Max. order width (mm): 6000
  • Max. depth rafters protruding (mm): 5000
  • Max. depth rafters flush (mm): 4000
  • Max. rafter protrusion (mm): 1000
  • Max. surface (m²): 30
  • Inclination (degrees): 5° – 20°
  • WAREMA Colour World: standard

Patio roof type T2

The WAREMA patio roof type T2 with integrated external sun shading system allows optimum exploitation of your patio surface. The clever combination of cold roof and sun shading system unites modern technology and attractive design. The proven technology of the conservatory awning provides durable shade. Expand your living space!

Construction limit values

  • Max. order width (mm): 6000
  • Max. depth of rafter, projecting (mm): 5000
  • Max. depth of rafter, flush (mm): 4000
  • Max. rafter projection (mm): 1000
  • Max. area (m²): 30
  • Inclination (degrees): 5° – 20°
  • WAREMA Colour World: standard


  • Motor: standard
  • Radio motor: optional

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